Volunteer registration for 2023 is now open. If swimmer is not able to provide his/her own escort, it is up to you. Swimmers have to be accompanied at all times. We will only connect you and he/she will pay directly to you for the escort. If you don’t have a motorized boat (maximum power of 10 hps is allowed on the Lipno dam), then you should be able to paddle 33 km, in the case of slower swimmers can be a whole day, but you can change with another volunteer at suitable place. Your task is to refresh the swimmer and navigate the race route, because of the fog  buoys may not be visible. It is necessary to have a cellphone or other device for navigation and so you can upload the GPS coordinates of  buoys in case of reduced visibility. Boats shorter than 2.50 m are not suitable, also boats with an electric drive probably won’t last the entire race. Your task will be also to look out for signs/symptoms of problem of the swimmer. The problem may be caused by exhaustion or hypothermia, etc. In the later stages of exhaustion or hypothermia, a swimmer’s judgment is often impaired and they will rely on you to make decisions. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience with an event like this – we’ll tell you everything you need to know. Please indicate the languages in which you can really communicate (foreign swimmers).

If you are not interested in paddling for several hours without stopping, then we will need a few more volunteers, whose role will be to monitor compliance with the rules of the event and, if necessary, record the disqualification of swimmers who do not obey the instructions.

Thank you to everyone who is willing to help the swimmers with their demanding performance. In case of any further questions, please contact us at info@celelipno.info.